THE ETKIN LAB RESEARCHes NEURAL MECHANISMS AND BIOMARKERS FOR various PSYCHIATRIC DISORDERS. Specific research endeavors include determining how brain regions causally communicate with each other and What causal pathways are dysfunctional for psychiatric patients.

BACKGROUND Information

  • Finding biomarkers that can help identify predisposition or indication of mental illnesses can significantly help with patient diagnosis and treatment as well as understandng more about the mental illness itself.

  • A fully automatic pipeline for the analysis of concurrent TMS-EEG data is not available yet in the field.


Project Neural Mechanisms seeks to discover the mechanisms and biomarkers for psychiatric disorders by understanding how brain regions communicate with one another and which causal pathways are dysfunctional for psychiatric patients.

Data is compiled from multimodal neuroimaging tools, including EEG, fMRI, DTI, and TMS, and the goal is to collaborate with 1-2 talented students to automate a process for getting rid of muscle, blink, saccade, and EKG artifacts. By automating this process, the project would be able to run at a much faster rate with greater efficiency and thus be able to process more data.

Mentorship will be provided to the students working on this project.

Technical Skills

We are looking for student with experience in or willingness to learn the following:

  • Matlab experience/skills

  • Knowledge regarding machine learning techniques

  • Previous experience automating processes