The E:Courage App is intended to reduce suffering, strengthen trauma survivor self-care, and increase helper effectiveness in supporting individuals and communities affected by traumas around the world, especially those with limited access to mental health services.

BACKGROUND Information

  • Traumatic events such as natural disaster, war, violence, and sexual abuse can have a significant and protracted negative impact on a trauma survivor’s mental health.

  • There are presently many millions of trauma survivors scattered across the globe who are unable to access the mental health care they need due to lack of local resources and mental health care infrastructure.

  • The development of technological tools that enable self-management and empower local helpers to better serve their community is a feasible, efficacious, and scaleable strategy for reaching millions of individuals and strengthening their capacities for self-care.


The e:Courage App will provide basic education about stress reactions, evaluate initial needs assessment, prioritize self-management interventions, offer several intervention elements, assess outcomes, and provide a Home Page for users.

A complementary visual Dashboard will be created to guide coaching support from the helper individual selected by the e:Courage app user. The Dashboard will delineate the various intervention elements contained in the app and enable the helper to review and support use of the skills, and encourage continued progress.

The timeline for the project dictates that the rough version of the app ought to be tested by the end of Spring Quarter at which point it shall be used in ERs for field testing and acquisition of user feedback data.

Technical Skills

We are looking for student with experience in or willingness to learn the following:

  • Phone app development and programming skills for Apple and Android platforms

  • Design of apps to ensure user engagement and positive user experience

  • Web programming skills to enable the design of user dashboards