The Crum lab is working on project diabetes mindset with the intention of identifying and testing diabetes mindsets to improve health outcomes among patients with diabetes and prediabetes.

BACKGROUND Information

  • Diabetes is a significant health problem.  In 2014 alone, nearly 30 million Americans had diabetes, and in 2012, the total cost was around $245 billion, a 40% increase since 2007.

  • An even larger number of Americans – 86 million – have prediabetes.

  • While there are a variety of psychological studies on diabetes beliefs as well as a variety of tech innovations, there has not been any solution targeting beliefs to improve diabetes health outcomes.


Project Diabetes Mindset hopes to create an app to capture mindsets from patients with prediabetes and/or type 2 diabetes.

This bottom-up approach to capturing mindsets is distinct from the traditional top-down approach.  Using the mindsets elucidated by the app, we will then examine how various mindsets impact physiological health outcomes.

Students involved in the project will first refine the high-level goals and design of the project, which includes getting exposed to the existing scientific literature concerning diabetic mindsets and applying for Institutional Review Board approval.  Students will then take part in creating the app.

Technical Skills

We are looking for 1 – 2 students with a willingness to learn how to manipulate mindsets, can commit to at least 2 quarters of involvement, and who have a background in one of the following:

  • iOS App development (Swift)

  • Machine learning (specific focus on natural language processing, using techniques such as sentiment analysis and/or topic modeling)