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  • There currently a shortage of organs: nearly 2,000 children under the age of 18 are on the national transplant waiting list.

  • Different types of psychosocial issues in children can produce a detrimental effect on the long term success of organ transplants.

  • Psychiatric assessments are used to assess the eligibility of a potential candidate to receive transplant.


Project Transplant aims to revise this psychosocial evaluation for pediatric solid organ transplants, by offering it in an electronic format. Currently, the psychosocial evaluation program is inconsistent amongst hospitals and clinics. Once created, this electronic program would be used by many other children’s hospitals in the country, thus standardizing the process. Additionally, the collected data from this electronic program would be used in clinical/research efforts to better understand what psychosocial factors predict medical outcomes in a transplant population. Students working on this project



  • UI/UX designer

  • Data visualization